Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Evil Demon Kitty Gives Way...

...To the Strawberry-Faced Corduroy Cat! 

This was my first attempt at a Corduroy Cat (or shall we call it a Poisson Puss?). I grew slightly worried mid-way through the sewing process that the then faceless kitty would end up resembling the offspring of a Demon Viking and a Black Widow. What a singularly unpleasant combination! My fears were quickly allayed once the eyes, whiskers, and tinsy little dot-nose were added. I think the Corduroy Cat turned out quite nicely, if I do say so myself! 

Miss Strawberry Face stayed with me long enough to visit the Kumquat Trees in the back garden. Seeing her near the trees reminded me of a poem I once wrote about Black Cats and Kumquat Trees... Any further poetic inspiration was hastily laid aside for another day since Miss Strawberry Face was rather anxious to leave for the Post Station. (Poor little dear. I had already tried singing two or three ditties for her. Thank goodness her ears are filled with fluff.)

We arrived at the Station on time and I bid her a quick "Good-bye" and "Cheerio". (The Post-Woman was of the extremely curmudgeonly variety. Perhaps she needed her Gin and It to put her in better spirits.)   

I received word yesterday that Corduroy Cat arrived safely in the Frigid Land of the Big Apple where my own dear Chat Noir is currently residing. Joyeux Anniversaire! Je t'aime, ma soeur!


Lizzy said...

What a wonderful blog Miss Emily! And your blog title is from a Beatrix Potter book, is it not? Samuel and his wife (mice) make Thomas the cat into a roly-poly pudding, do they not?

Blarney said...

Miss Oh! Brigit has deemed thine Postage most splendid among those arraying this Wild Web. She thinks of you from her Window Ledge and blesses the sun, who has shown her smile today! :)

Belated thanks again for the lovely gift, she has been very comforting this year and a half!