Saturday, 11 October 2008

First Post!

Hi ho, hullo-hullo!
Welcome to Blog. :) Blog is rather empty at present--though no longer entirely empty since there is one Post. Hopefully more jolly and readable posts will follow First Post. (I hope First Post will not grow too arrogant because it is the very first. Be mindful of this, First Post..)

Speaking of Posts, I have just been to post a letter to the Softies to invite them to Sunday Supper (or perhaps Sunday Pudding). Since they live across the room in The Shelves, which has no telephone system installed, communication via the post is most effective. Long distance shouting is much easier said than done, especially when you're filled with fluffing and about five inches tall. Plus, it is not very polite...

The only semi-tedious aspect of sending mail is properly addressing the envelope:

"Softies of the Shelves:
Sir Chesterbunny of the Cream Ribbon, Bunny-Pup, and the Very Respectable Crescent Owl
Atop Green Treasure Box,
Near Black Ticking Clock

Nevertheless, this addressing grows easier with practice and provides an opportunity for you practice your curly-ques or F-like S's. (If you're going to drastically change the style of your S's, first inform your post-man so he does not go searching for the the Sourth Shels to the Lest or something of that sort.) The post-man often can't read my writing and ends up delivering my letters to Lucy Dear, the old grey Scottie in the second-shelf-to-the-right. This wouldn't be too troubling if it was not for the fact that Lucy Dear has no eyes! (Poor dear. Perhaps there is some deeper meaning behind her lack of eyes; or perhaps it is simply due to my own negligence and lack of thread.) Lucy is a very neighbourly neighbour and would take the misdirected letters to the Softies herself is she could only see where to take them to.
I can only hope the post-man finds the right (left) shelf! Sunday suppers are very important matters of business.

Merry weekend!

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