Saturday, 18 October 2008

The Very Respectable Crescent Owl

The Post-Man successfully delivered my letter!

The Very Respectable Crescent Owl was first to send a reply. Even though he had to decline my invitation to Sunday's eggy-bread supper, he still sent along the above photograph for your viewing pleasure. (How very thoughtful of him!) This was taken on a recent visit to Green Lawn.

I ought to explain that The Very Respectable Crescent Owl actually has three different names names: The Very Respectable Crescent Owl, Crescent Owl, and Rumskuttle. The first, which is more indicative of his title and breed, is the most formal option and best suited for letter addressing, government proposals, the D.M.V., etc. This name is a wee bit difficult to use in quick conversation due to its length and abundance of R's, C's, and E's. Plus the amount of pauses between each word creates quite a bit of distance between the speaker and the addressee. Of course, saying "The-Very-Respectable-Crescent-Owl" every few sentences will surely help you improve your diction...

The second name—"Crescent Owl"—is a shorter in length and very plainly states what this fellow is: he is a Crescent Owl. (I suppose it is less formal, too, since there is no title of The Very Respectable attached.) "Crescent Owl" is easier on both mouth and lungs—more so than "Theveryrespectablecrescentowl". It produces a nice flow after greetings such as "Good morning": "Good morning, Crescent Owl" as opposed to "Good Morning, The Very Respectable Crescent [gasp!] Owl.". Of course, there are occasions where longer formal names and titles are more appropriate than shorter ones. "Crescent Owl" is more of an "acquaintance name" or encyclopedia name, if ever you were find it in an encyclopedia.

Finally, there is "Rumskuttle". This is the name used by chumlets and family. There actually is quite a bit of history behind this name. The history is connected with the breed of "Crescent Owl" and a bit with the title of "pirate". (I've been trying to learn whether Rumskuttle's one-wingedness comes from the "pirate" or the "crescent".) The account of Rumskuttle's pirating days will be saved for another time since I must talk with him first. Hopefully this has given you some introduction and information on Rumskuttle the Crescent Owl. He's very fine with you using either of the three names, or even variations as long as you never call him "The" or "Rumscentowlectable" or something odd like that. (That sounds too much like the name of a lip gloss or collection of pink stickers..)

I'm off to meet Bunny-Pup for suppertime, so perhaps I shall write about her next.



Raggy Rat said...

nice textures on your owl
thanks for voting for raggy rat
cat xxxxx

Calvin said...

I like this owl!