Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Sweet Saturday

Last Saturday was spent in the kitchen of the Green-Walled House with the marvelous Miss Gardener. We felt particularly jolly since it was the first day of a weeklong holiday from school and there were no assignments to worry over. (At least for that one day.) We began our day quite leisurely with a cup of tea and a spice cookie.
(Always an excellent way to begin a day)
Our next order of business was to assemble our pudding. It certainly was a very peculiar recipe that produced very peculiar results.The general construction went a bit like this: stir dry ingredients together (quite normal) and plop into a heavy baking dish (splodge, splodge). Sprinkle with copious amounts of brown sugar and butter (two very good things), and pour 500 ml of boiling water on top. Hm. The whole process reminded of putting together fish aquariums by laying the rocks and sand and then pouring in water. Maybe the little drops of butter were the 'fish'.

Into the inferno for thirty-minutes and out came a spice-filled spongey-island in a sea of toffee.
The toffee-sea bubbled quite furiously, and I learned (rather painfully) that
one must never mess with an angry pudding.

The raging waters eventually subsided,
and in we plunged with a spoon.

Lashings of snowy cream melted atop the spicy, sticky sponge,
making dessert quite reminiscent of the thawing winter in February--squashy and brown.

It was very gooey!

And it was very tasty.
It was the tastiest island I have ever eaten.
We poured ourselves more tea and had a picnic on the grassy lawn.
A bit of tea enjoyed in the Autumn sunshine always makes afternoons
quite cozy.
(...We also made use of the nearby Boganvia...)
Oh, it was a very sweet Saturday, indeed!

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